Yesterday, Jen dragged me to the antique shop down the street. We found all kinds of cool stuff. Here is my loot.We found old wooden cigar boxes. Only 5 bucks each. We will use those for our display at our upcoming show. I found a whole bag of these spoons for 10 bucks! I have all kinds of ideas on how to use these. My favorite ones are the tiny salt spoons. I have a special idea for them but you will have to stay tuned to see the results.
I found this little top to a salt shaker. Isn't it cute? And the old wooden ruler...that is for my class with Lisa Kaus called gridlocked that I am taking in August at the Zne Convenzione. I will also be a vendor there, so that will be one busy trip! So I must be off to go create. Only 3 weeks until our Show & Tell Crafters Market. It is going to be fun and a learning experience.


Lisa Gallup said…
Grrrreat finds!!! LOVE the salt shaker top! I have an old salt/pepper set very similar to this that belonged to my great grandmother - soooo cool!! Old stuff like this just sings to me! :)
Nerissa said…
Where have I been? I just had a bajillion posts to read from you. You found some cool stuff & I can't wait to see what you do with them. I'm intrigued about the spoons.
The earrings you bought are so unique. I love her sea urchin ring. Drool...
And the necklace you made for yourself. Stunning as usual! Good luck in completing your pieces & getting ready for all those shows :)
Glad you got a laugh about my renting story. I knew some current & former military would get a kick out of my post & "get it"
Happy 4th!
Melissa M said…
Oh, it looks like you hit the jack pot. Such great finds. Good Luck with all of your shows you have going on. Nothing like keeping yourself busy.
Mandy said…
What great finds! I can't wait to come meet you and see your beautiful art at the Crafter's Mart! I'm from Vegas too, where do you usually do your antique shopping?
Robyn said…
Lovely, lovely loot!Looking forward to seeing what you do with it all. If the jewellery in the next post is anything to go by you are sure to turn them into beautiful treasures.