New Beginning.....

Life brings changes everyday. It brings its ups, and its downs. Right now I am at a particular low point. My marriage has fallen apart. I guess I knew it was coming but tried to ignore the signs. I tried to believe that after 18 years of being with each other that it should count for something. I guess I was wrong. So I now find myself doing a lot of soul searching. Plans that were made now have to be changed and I have to take a different fork in the road. A detour if you will. My sister Lynn forwarded me an email from Scrap Girls News and told me to look at a certain portion of it. It had a little story of a puppy named Bean. This was on Saturday before my life fell apart. I read it yesterday and it had a life lesson that struck me as very fitting.

The life lesson? It is sometimes the case that good things come to an end and other good things have a beginning and, at times, the two good things simply cannot coexist and so one must let go of the first to gain the second.

Hence, I have had to say goodbye to the past, the husband who was my rock, who was the stable influence in my life, who taught me to be responsible and say hello to the future me. Of finding me again. I had lost a big part of myself during my marriage. I neglected me. So in order to find me, I have to let go of the past. I will be fine…I am strong. I am looking forward to getting to know me…Here’s to a “New Beginning” and the good things to come.


Rochelle said…
You can do it! You will surprise yourself at how strong you are. Believe me, you do lose yourself in a relationship like that. The fun part is finding yourself again. After I came back home last year, I took a few months to find myself and my family told me it was nice having the "old Shelly" back again. Happy hunting!
abbymaya said…
Cindy, I'm really sorry. You're going to come through this low point healthier and happier ready to embrace all the joy life has in store for you.
Jill said…
Wow... you don't know me, but I am truly awed by your outlook. I've had some tough times recently as well and it helped me to read your post. Thank you!
Kate said…

Sorry to hear about your breakup. I could tell when I met you that you are one gutsy lady. You will survive and you will thrive. How is your daughter doing with it?

HappyDayArt! said…
Dear Cindy,

I am just sitting here stunned and surprised about your news. What a lot of upheaval for you. I am so sorry and wishing you the best. I hope I will still hear from you and I sure am crossing my fingers that you are still coming to California in August. Take care of yourself and I will be checking back here often to hear about how you are doing.

Lisa Gallup said…
Oh, Cindy, I'm soooo sorry about the end of your marriage. You sound like you have a good, positive attitude. You are a strong woman and will do well. Please know that my thoughts are with you!
Helena E. said…
It's so wonderful that you're taking such a gutsy, positive outlook towards this. Ending a marriage... it's something, all right, but I bet, at the end of all this, you'll be just fine. I've never been married, but I've seen what they become when two people refuse to recognize what's happening. And if your husband was, like you say, something positive, then at least that good influence is something you can take with you.

But it still has to hurt. Most of what I said probably doesn't have much meaning right now, but hopefully it will soon, and you'll find a new, better place for yourself and your wonderful art. :)
Kerri Jean said…
I wish you all the best as you travel this sometimes rocky road Cindy. I am totally with you on this journey, and I share so many of your insights!! Take care of you!!!
Anonymous said…
This is such a sad situation, I know from experience...
I also know that you WILL be fine and there are things coming your way that you can't imagine :) The process is tough, be sure to couch yourself in lots of supportive folks.
Nerissa said…
My heart is broken for you. Please stay strong & take care of yourself. You have such a great attitude about life. It exudes from your blog, your posts & your art. I'm sending you lots of good thoughts & ((hugs))
mary newton said…
Congrats on your Belle Armoire submission! You need some good news.

I don't know you but My heart goes out to you during this horrible time. You WILL come out stronger (I did).
Share with your online friends and we will be there for you.

Diana said…
Cindy...My heart goes out to you as I read your news about your breakup. Be brave, cry when you need to, surround yourself with those you love, believe in yourself and know how special you are, have faith in the future, ask for help when you need it, and take baby steps ......some days may be getting through minute by minute and be kind to yourself in letting you heal. You can do it!!
Diana Frey
Kelly Boyd said…
Cin~You were a big support for me in my attempts at a new beginning, so with the strength you have shown me as an aunt and a friend, I shall be here for you in your time of need if you will take it. I love you and am very proud of you!
Jen Crossley said…
Oh Cindy,My heart goes out to you,Be strong Im sure there is a new begining for you. You will be amazed at how strong you really are?
Take care of youself
Melissa M said…
Cindy, my heart goes out to you. Though it sounds like you have alot to keep you busy. Remember, take care of yourself as your new journey in life begins. You have so much to look forward to, believe in yourself and take it one step at a time.
Having traveled that road I remember the dark days and darker nights.....I remember the levels of emotion that ran from hurt, to sad, to angry, to fear, to numbness......and then the steps to the next chapter and the people who help hold you up until you can stand strong. It doesn't seem fair that having already come through a lot in your life, you have one more thing. HOWEVER, you have what it takes to get through and flourish and stand tall. And all I can think of this very moment is Dr. Seuss......Oh The Places You Will Go........who knows why that just jumped out of this crazy brain of mine.

See you soon Cindylou

xo Rella
Just wondering how you are feeling and if everything is okay. Glad you are taking some inspiring classes.

Warm wishes from Marrakech.