Naked Post

That's what it feels like when I don't have pictures to post. It feels empty and naked. Does anyone else feel like that? I have so many projects in the works but none of them are finished. This weekend will be a flurry of creating but, I will not be able to share most of what I create as it is for my submission to Belle Armoire. This morning I had the most brilliant idea and I scrapped my plans for my previous idea and I am going full steam ahead with this one. I hope that someone else thinks it was brilliant! LOL If they do you will be able to see it in the Winter issue.


Babbetto said…
Just wanted to stop and say "hi" and thanks for visiting my blog.
I've always wondered how many Las Vegans there were in blogland.

I have very much enjoyed wandering around in yours, beautiful work and such a happy blog. I was in the bookstore tonight and browsed through the copy of Belle Amoire they had and you look so fantastic in there that I may just go back and purchase that copy.

Wonderfully gorgeous work!

I would be interested in knowing next time you have a show here in Vegas, I'll have to stop by and say hi in person and see your work up close.

Nerissa said…
Hi Cindy
Can I come stay at your house? We're on air mattresses & sleeping bags, as the packers have done their things. Your so lucky to meet Michele & go the Convenzione. How exciting that you're taking a class, a vendor & in the gallery! I LOVE all your new work. I can't pick a fave. Maybe I can stow away in your luggage. Ha ha ha!
Amanda Elton said…
Hi Cindi! I'm so amazed by the cool jewelry you are making lately! What beautiful stuff! We miss you in Utah!
Helena E. said…
I'm sure it'll be more than brilliant, and yes, I feel the same about pictures! Sometimes I don't even post if there aren't any photos to go with it. (Like Alice said, "What's the point of books without any pictures?" -- or something along those lines. ^___^) But I look forward to all these brilliant projects you'll eventually share!