Jen & Cindy-The Broadway Show

Cast of Characters:

Cindy Dean-Smart, Talented, Middle Aged soon to be divorcee, Boss and Friend to Jen

Jen Gabaldon-Almost 30 year old, smart ass youngster, who couldn’t find her way out of a paper bag, but the best employee Cindy, has had in forever.



Cindy is riding with Jennifer running errands during their lunch break. They pull up to the drive through of Raising Cane’s Chicken, where they only serve chicken fingers. Jen pulls up to the drive thru window, rolls down her car window and orders their meals. As she pulls to the second window, she reaches over and turns off the air conditioner.

CINDY: What are you doing?

JEN: The window is open so I turned off the air.

CINDY: God you’re so cheap! It’s 110 outside. It’s HOT! I am buying you lunch so you can spare the gas to keep the air on!

Jen reaches over and turns the air back on full blast and rolls up her window.

JEN: There! You happy now???

CINDY: You’re such a jerk!

They both start laughing at each other…


Driving back to work, they continue to talk and laugh.

CINDY: I think that we should sign up for the amazing race! (Laughing) We would make one heck of a team and be some major characters.

JEN: What’s the Amazing Race?

CINDY: Oh…COME ON!!! (Laughing) I will show you when we get back to the office but it’s a reality show where they race around the world and try and win the money.

JEN: Money? I’m in. (Laughing)



Cindy is in her office with Jennifer standing behind her and they are watching a snippet from the Amazing Race.

JEN: That looks fun.

CINDY: I think we would have a blast! We would have to get in shape though.

Jen walks back to her office. From across the hall Jen starts to talk to Cindy again.

JEN: You couldn’t be on the amazing race because you would be too HOT and I would have to run around with a little fan to make sure the queen was comfortable. (Laughing)

CINDY: Jerk! Well you wouldn’t do to well either because I would have to be carrying around a whole backpack of hand sanitizer, and you can’t find your way out of a paper bag! (Laughing)

JEN: Jerk!

Cindy & Jen start laughing and continue on their day…



Kelly Boyd said…
Interesting lunch
Nerissa said…
hee hee hee! That thump was my head rolling :)
I love amazing race, but I'm way too much of a princess to be on it. I'd have my craft supplies in my backpack.
HappyDayArt! said…
Yep, you two are really friends. Thank goodness for the sense of humor. Great screenplay! I want to read more.
Rochelle said…
All I can say is I am hurt. The best employee you have ever had, huh? HHMMPPHH....