Sunday, July 6, 2008

Favorites so far

Of all the flowers I have made, I think my favorites are made with the stick pearls and the kyanite. They are so uneven and natural like.
I am on a flower making spree! I just made 5 more tonight. I figure I can make 5 a night for the next 19 days and I will be good to go! Of course on weekends I could make more but I like to try and use my weekends for other jewelry as it takes so much longer to come up with the idea and then put it together. It ought to be an interesting next 8 weeks! Lets see how long I last! LOL. Come on gotta keep up with me! LOL


Jen Gabaldon said...

LOL...I would but SOMEONE told there were Wiis available and now I cant stop!!!!

kerrip said...

These are particularly wonderful Cindy. I get tons of compliments on mine all the time.

Lynn said...

I agree with you, I like the blue one, because the petals have a natural looking shape! Beautiful work!

Sam I Am said...

ohhhhhhh soooo pretty!!!!! love them all! :)

KayEllen said...

Very Charming Flowers:)
Have fun on your Marathon Flower Power crafting!!
They are each a work of art!!!


linda said...

yes yes, make more, love these flowers very much!!!

Halo Hill said...

I am new to your blog and I love it and your work!! LOVE THOSE FLOWERS!!