Doing a Jig!

Besides being in Belle Armoire in November, I just got notified that my submission to Belle Armoire Jewelry was accepted and I will be in the December 1st issue!!!! Yea! I am on a roll!!!!!


Tina said…
Congrats!! you have wonderful work!
Helena E. said…
That's so exciting! You must be so proud, as well you should be. I'll definitely look forward to seeing your work in those magazines! ^___^
Lost Aussie said…
Congratulations on your pieces being published. That is fantastic.
Sending you warm hugs and good wishes for your future going forward.
You go girl!!! Try and keep your momentum going! We are all riding this roller coaster with you via your blog. Wheeeee.
Art by Dana said…
Cindy just wanted to let you know I love your art work. I nominated you for the Wylde Women award. Check out my blog at
Crystal said…
You go girl! You'll be famous in no time.
Jen Crossley said…
You are on a roll Hoorah!!:}