ConvenZione 2008

One of the exciting things I am doing this summer is going to the ConvenZione in August. I get to meet all kinds of new and exciting people like Michele Beschen of DIY's Be Original. If you haven't checked it out, there are a ton of great classes to take. I am taking Lisa Kaus' Gridlocked class. I also get to be a vendor which is pretty exciting and I was also accepted into the Gallery Show they are having. So if you are looking for some fun times in August, come and join the fun. You can click on the picture of Michele to take you to the ConvenZione registration!


Kerri Jean said…
I am absolutely GREE with envy over all of the wonderful classes you're taking this year. I LOVE Lisa Kaus' work. I can't wait to see how the class adds to your repertoire of creations!!!
Melissa M said…
Oh, sounds like you are going to have SO Much Fun. I wish I was able to go but Family plans were already scheduled for that time. Though I see they already have registration open for 2009.