Sunday, July 6, 2008

Busy as a bee...

This weekend I did alot of creating. I have a few pieces finished and quite a few in process. I find it so much more productive for me to do multiple pieces at once. If I can't finish something and it is frustrating me, I will put it aside and work on something else and come back to that piece. Here are a few of my creations. Awhile back, Jen and I went to the antique watch and jewelry show and I found these little bee hive earrings. I got rid of the other stuff on it and kept the little hives. I remembered that I had these little bees and here is the result. The stones are Fire Opals. I think they are cute. Next is my Sea Fare necklace.

I etched the clam into Nickel, used pearls, moonstones and sterling silver. I actually got the liver of sulphur to work this time! Yea! I also used the little vintage flower that I had laying around.

Then I did a Nest Bracelet. I am not quite finished with it, but I took the pictures anyways.

It is the same image I used for the earlier necklace I did. I love these stick pearls and thought they would look cute with the etching. Lets see, what else is in the works. I have my cherry necklace, my heart book necklace, another nest necklace, but this one is totally different. I used a vintage optical lens. And of course, more flowers. I only have 2 1/2 weeks to get ready so it's busy busy busy time! I will be posting more of my creations as they are complete. Come on'd better get busy!


Jen Gabaldon said...

Wow!! Those are gorgeous! Those bee hives are great. I am a little afraid to be next to your table now!

Kate said...


I remember when I met you last year you weren't sure where you wanted to focus your Art on but look at you a year later. It seems that jewelry is your calling. A great job. It wonderful seeing you grow as an artist.


Lisa Gallup said...

Beautiful work, Cindy! I especially loooove the nest bracelet! Nice!

Lynn said...

I love the sea fare necklace, very cool!!

Karen Mowrey said...

Hi Cindy

I am so loving you blog, found you thanks to ~*~Patty from Magpie's nest.

If yo do not mind I wold like to feature you and your bee hive earrings in my next "Bee Spotting" post. I post weekly on great bee art and your web log needs to bee seen!!!


Karen Mowrey said...

pardon my typos! I have hyper fingers tonight for some reason!

Karen Mowrey said...

You have just "bee"n spotted in my Bee Spotting post of the week.

If for any reason you do not want to bee there let me know ASAP. You look great there and are an asset to the post so thank you!!!!