Another sneak peek...

I submitted 5 different things to Belle Armoire. So here is another peak. If they don't get picked I will post the whole picture later on. But for now...this is it!

On another little sis was saying that she was needing another visit from Turkey.... and I know she looks at my blog everyday!Come on Sammy...doesn't the pool look inviting? It's calling your name! You can float in the pool and relax and look at the view Besides, I could use a sister visit. That includes all my sisters...oh and it would be good too if my brother came! I need some family loving! Another round of miniature golf anyone?


Debbie Egizio said…
Well, how exciting. I hope they showcase your piece! It looks lovely from the little peek that we get.

So, do you need an extra sister? I'd be happy to come over for a sister visit! ;) Such beautiful pictures. I hope you get to see your sis soon! Take care, Deb
HappyDayArt! said…
Remember, I am your sister too. Ha, ha, ha!

It looks so beautiful and inviting. I hope she bites.

Lost Aussie said…
The view looks awesome and the pool so inviting...she will surely come!

I've tagged you across the way at Lost Aussie. so come play!
Jen Crossley said…
Oh That pool does look inviting its winter in OZ.Love the sneek peek of your necklace cant wait to see more
I wish I had some sisters, even one would be great :)
Deryn Mentock said…
Best of luck with your submissions. It all looks so tantalizing...pool included!
Jen, your work is amazing and congrats on your submissions and classes. I am wondering, though. You only showed a small piece of your work because it mught get published. Is there rules about posting your work on your blog if it has been submitted. I am submitting a piece to Somerset in December, but posted on my blog? I don't remember seeing anything about that in the submission guidelines. I don't want to blow my chances. Any thoughts? Thx Carrie
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