And now...back to the show...

After a brief intermission of my crazy life, sponsored by my soon to be ex, we now return to Figments of Cindy's Imagination. :) When we last checked in with Cindy she was doing her first show of the year:

Today was another good day. It was long...but good. So here is my set up. Not exactly what I had wanted as I was too busy feeling sorry for myself to work on my stuff prior to the show.
Here is part of Jen's display. She really did a good job of getting ready for this thing. I am proud of her!
And she picked up these beautiful roses to place on our tables.
Isn't it beautiful? We haven't made a killing at this show but it has been a real learning experience. I will be alot more prepared for Art Unraveled. Although my set up for that show is totally different. We have made lots of connections at this show. I am even thinking about teaching a local class as a bunch of people have asked me to at this show. I have run into old friends, who I used to work with and I have made a bunch of new friends. And of course, there is always Jen. She is so much fun to be with. I don't know what I would do without her!


the BLOOM is perfect to put with your flowers....perfect. And how lovely that Jen got such gorgeous roses. Kudos to you both for putting yourself out there.

xo Rella
HappyDayArt! said…
YAY TEAM! The table looks great!
Jen Crossley said…
Well done Cindy everyday will get better.You go girl Im proud of you,your stuff looks amazing
Thanks for sharing and next week is Art Unraveled. So you are going to be BUSY !! Focus on that.
Kerri Jean said…
Beautiful work Cindy. Keep it up. You're a woman on the verge of great things!!!!!!!