Sorry...only one picture for tonight

I am too tired to do a long post about my weekend class. I will say this. I had a great time and met lots of very nice women. Here is a quick pic of me with Deryn and DJ and my semi finished project. It's kinda blurry cause Jen was taking it! I know it's not Jen's camera that takes blurry pictures, it's just Jen!
Tomorrow I will post the whole tale and show you the progress of my piece and a close up of the finished project.


Lynn said…
I love it!! Can you paint one of me for my new room???
Jen Gabaldon said…
My secret is out! LOL
Judy said…
Looks fine blurry!
Welcome back home and to blogland. I can only imagine how much fun you had. I thought of you all this weekend and hoped you were staying cool as well as having a blast.

See you soon!!!

xo Rella
Deryn Mentock said…
A beautiful piece Cindy! It was so much fun. Thanks for coming!
oh good for you! i can't wait to hear and see it all! and i want deryn's necklace!! lol!
Angie in AZ said…
I enjoyed meeting you in class too! I wish we'd been in the same room so we could have visited with each other more! Your painting is great and I LOVE the wire flower! It's so YOU! Hey, are you coming to Art Unraveled?