Old Books

During lunch today, Jen and I made a quick stop to the antique shop down the street. You never know what you will find and it's only a couple of miles from work. I wanted to get a book to alter. I have never done one and I have been wanting to try. Here are my finds:
These books are from the 1890's. The white one is the one I am going to alter. I just had to get the red one though because of what was INSIDE the book. It is called Safe Counsel and it is filled with all kinds of sage advice. Like what women love in men. We naturally love our Lord and Master! LOL
And how to court scientifically.
But the funniest part so far...
Yes, why bring Idiots, Fools, Criminals and Lunatics into the world. LOL. This will be a fun book to use in some art projects.


That book is too funny!! I wonder how many copies were printed and how many were sold.
Nerissa said…
I can't stop cracking up. That book is quite a find. Have fun in Phoenix this week. Can't wait to see what you make. I'm really hoping we can meet in VA next year :)

Lola M. said…
Hilarious! I love collecting old books, too, and enjoy actually reading them -- good stuff. I'm glad to have found your blog, I think through SomethingSublime.
Deryn Mentock said…
Few women would have any respect for a man they could completely rule...hmmm... Maybe they were on to something back then! What a terrific find!