Lots to Do, Lots to Do!

It's time to start cracking the whip on myself. I have been busy, busy, busy these days but it seems like I haven't gotten anything done. Jen and I have decided to sell at a local craft event here in July. It is a new venue, so we shall see how it goes. We are sending in our applications tomorrow, so hopefully we will be juried in. In preparation for the show we went to the bead store where I picked up these bits of earthy goodness.I am starting to sound like Jen! Oh no! LOL Earthy Goodness....sigh. After the July show then I head off to Art Unraveled, and then after that the Zne Convention. I have lots and lots of stuff to make! If I don't sell it at those 3 events, then I will be having a Etsy clearance sale in September! My next task though is my submission for Belle Armoire. I have 2 pieces to finish by July 15th. That is priority #1. I have decided that I am going to post on my blog every other day or every 3 days while I am in creation mode. If I decide to post more, it will be just a picture or 2. My computer seems to steal me away from the work at hand. I could spend hours and hours on here. So stay tuned for this weekend because I will be creating and then posting. I am going to try metal etching again. We will see how that goes. TTFN and wish me luck that my muse is with me.


May the muse be with you !
Melissa M said…
Girl, you are going to be busy. Though I hope it is Fun business. Good luck with all your events. I hear you about the evil computer sucking you in.