I Saw Red Day #1

I happened upon this blog tonight. I couldn't resist the challenge! LOL...not that it is really a challenge to find red things because that is my favorite color. maybe by the end of the week, it will get somewhat trying. So here are my red pics of the day. Raspberries...yummy.
Here is my Original Disney Ferdinand Drawing that I had framed with a red mat.
Next is my Coca-Cola crate that is sitting on top of my bookcases in my studio.
And last but not least, my little bear wagon that are also on the shelves in my studio.
I will have fun with this theme. I love love love Red!


Rosemary said…
Love all of your red!!
Dolly said…
Your blog is wonderful!
I love all your red goodies!

Hugz, Dolly
My said…
The berries look yummy. Great red...
Great reds!

~ Gabriela ~
kecia said…
glad you enjoyed the german doll story, i love the history behind them. and now they are here in America for a 2nd life.
Sadie Olive said…
Love the red! Rasberries are my favorite!
Sam I Am said…
ooooo yummmm...nothin' like a good cold bottle of coke..in the old fashioned bottles...i love them!!!
theresa martin said…
So much fun! Love the concept of actively 'seeing red' in the course of a day.