I Saw Red Day #4

Ok...so I didn't post yesterday but this is what I would have posted if I hadn't been so tired last night.
This week has been an interesting experience. While looking for the color red, I noticed it everywhere. Places that I really didn't notice before. I mean, I saw all these signs but never focused on the color. I bet 80% of the signs out there are red. Especially food places.
In doing this exercise, I realized that it's not luck that things happen to you. It's that your paying attention to what you want and the opportunities appear because you are looking for them. So, I have decided I am going to pay alot more attention to the things I want out of life. How about you? What are you going to pay attention too?


Anonymous said…
This is the first explanation of syncronicity that has ever made sense to me. Thanks for posting your insight. Barbara