I Saw Red Day #2

The M&M Jar I have sitting on my desk at work. Red Pepper on the table at lunch today
Spaghetti for dinner.
The new Coke cans honoring the Olympics. This is Russia's can
It has been very interesting paying attention to the colors around us everyday. I am seeing much more RED than I realize now that I am looking for it. Tomorrow I will fill you in on my observations about the color red.


Lori said…
oh, me too...i didn't even realize i had so many red things until i started looking...i really like the coke crate in the post below!!!
Jen Gabaldon said…
What happened to the red tailights??!!!
Lori said…
hi again:)
ark is from "the cotton gin" they have an on~line catalog
Jes said…
Hi Cindy...thanks for stopping by my blog... Yours is a wonderful discovery!

There are red strawberries right in front of me in my fruit bowl this morning. LOL

I just LOVE your beaded flowers...they are so unique!!

I will link you so I can come by and visit more often!!

~Jes Berry
Lynn said…
Love the red beads!!!!