I'm back from Florida...

Just a quick post. I am so jet lagged I am going to bed. I am happy to be back home. I missed it. I missed blogging and reading blogs...am I weird or what???

I went to Universal Studios on Sunday.I saw Shamu on Monday.The frog prince also went out.The resort we stayed at was beautiful.Met a few of the locals...And took time to smell the flowers
I took some classes and learned a few things. It was a good trip. But now I am ready for my life to return to normal. Ready to create again...so stay tuned, because I will be posting new art this weekend.


Welcome home!!!!!! It's wonderful to go on adventures, but soooooooo good to come back home.

xo Rella
It looks as though you had a super time cannot wait to see more photos!
Sandra Evertson said…
I like the looks of the locals!
Sandra Evertson