The Frog Prince is not happy with me

This past weekend, me & the frog went to Philly to see all my sisters and my brother. The first time we have all been together in 35 years. (Long Story). Well...the Frog didn't get out to see much.I left him at home much of the time so now he is sulking. I have promised to take him with me on my trip to Florida this coming weekend. And take him to Universal Studios when I go. He is so demanding. Anyways, I had the best time with my siblings.
We jammed alot in to a short amount of time
My favorite part was playing miniature golf with all of them. We really had alot of laughs and had such a good time. Next door to the miniature golf place was this little farm with animals to walk around and see. My favorite was Eli the Elk.
I could have stayed for awhile and talked to him some more. He had quite the personality.LOL...He even licked my hand through the fence. I felt kinda sad for him, being held in a tiny space.

We did alot of driving around and saw lots of scenery. I so miss the big trees and all the green.I would like to go back again so I could take pictures of all the old houses and such I saw. There is such great architecture there. But...that will have to wait as my traveling schedule is quite full for the next few months! I must go finish laundry so I can pack for my trip to Florida. I leave Friday morning and will be gone until next Wednesday. It's a work conference, so it won't all be play! TTFN


Jen Gabaldon said…
LOL....I am sure he is a lot happier than the frogs in the box.... :)
Kelly Boyd said…
I want a copy of those pictures!!! PLEASE!!!