Yeah my computer is working again!

Got the computer fixed today. So here are some quick pictures of my room:
Blank Slate:

The Artistic Side with Megan chilling in my chair. I know...messy already! That is just after move day with some stuff that was just piled in here.Next is the computer side:
This weekend will be my weekend to unpack and put things away. I never got to make my submissions that I was supposed to. I guess it wasn't meant to be. After I get settled, I will be creating again. This has taken alot out of me. Phewwww, I am tired!


kerrip said…
Hi Cindy!!!
This is sooo exciting. Congrats on the move!!! I am not surprised that you would be tired. I think moving is one of the most exhausting experiences. Can't wait to see all the progress!
Izabella~ said…

small world!

found your link on ZNE tonight~ I live here in Vegas too!! and we are both attending the convenzione!!

I am in hurry to make dinner for the kiddos but will be back to check out more of your blog~

xo ~Izabella
Julie Collings said…
i love that artistic side! i can just imagine your beautiful creations brewing there. . .
wow, what a lot of work, but yeah!! you are back on line girl.
Sweet Petunia said…
Moving can be quite a task, but such a great opportunity to set up your work space...starting from a fresh slate.

My only scheduled art retreat at this point is Art & Soul in Portland...but I just saw some information on one in August that looks interesting. Will you be attending any...perhaps Portland?
Cindy I cannot wait to see your room completed I love your desk and what you did with your bookcases divine. Not to mention your flowers they are so sweet!!!