Green Eyed Monster

Today I had a visit from the green eyed monster called jealousy. I am trying to not let it get to me, but it's kinda hard. I suppose if this person had been nice to me when I had met them instead of snubbing me, than I would be happy for their success, I felt (remember that phrase) that this person looked down on me before this person even got to know me. But, it could have been only my imagination that this person snubbed me but I am pretty good at reading people. So...the only thing I can control is how I feel! Right? Isn't that the saying, you can't control what happens to you only how you react to it? Well hell, right now I feel jealous! How do you get past it? I keep saying to myself, at least I am unique and this other person just copies everyone else... I guess that is how I will get myself out of this slump! LOL


abbymaya said…
I don't really have any brilliant words of wisdom except to say that everyone feels the same way at some point and it just means we're human. But I think that you're right in that it's how we choose to deal with those kinds of situations and feelings that define us.

Hang in there and it will pass in no time. You'll be back in the studio making goregous flowers and filling Vegas with even more sprakle! :)
Your bookshelf looks great. You have too many other things to think about instead of some snot head...that's what I call someone who snubs me. YOU ARE MOVING and have to think about your new place and studio and all the new adventures that come with that. Have you showed us pics of where you are now and where you are going to? Pictures, Pictures, Pictures, I love to look at your pictures!
MizCarla said…
I know that feeling. Don't waste any energy on it though hon-it's not worth it.

I wanted to let you know that I added your link to my blog.