For my sisters to see.

Ok sisters (and anyone else who cares), here are some pictures of parts of the new place. I am taking them as I get the rooms complete. So today, Terry mowed the lawn and made it pretty. Here it is:It's back yard is HUGE compared to the other house. In the other house the pool was right off the patio and now it's in the back. I love it! Missy likes all the space too. She likes to jump up on the back ledge and look out over the yard like she is lord and master! LOL

Here is the kitchen:Here is the Dining Room/Kitchen View 1:The sliding glass door leads to the back yard. The whole downstairs has the brown ceramic tile which I love. Except for my office space which has carpet. Here is Dining Room/Kitchen View 2:The white door leads into the laundry room which also leads to the garage. I really like that I have a laundry room instead of a closet and that the garage leads right into the kitchen for a change. The far door on the right is my walk in pantry, which I love also. Behind the dining room is the living room. It's like one big long room. I am not done with it yet so you will have to wait for pics on that. I have to get a area rug and a couple of lamps and then I can take the pics. Terry also put up the shelves in my studio space so I will be working on my room tonight and tomorrow. Stay tuned for more pics! I am loving this house! Who knows, maybe we will buy it!


It's lovely, must be so, so glad to finally have the move behind you. Now the fun of arranging and decorating. Good job!!!

xo Rella
Lisa Gallup said…
You're new house looks gorgeous!! I loooove the pool area! I live in the land of brown, so all that green with the water is gorgeous! Thanks for the compliment on my art and my nose piercing! I love my nose now! lol It hurt like crazy to get it done, but I REALLY wanted it, so was willing to suffer through a lot. :)
kerrip said…
that back yard and pool are just to die for...and with the temps in Las Vegas, I am sure it will be well used. Love the kitchen and dining room and all the access to outside - beautiful!!!!!
Rochelle said…
It is beautiful! I am so jealous of all your cabinets!! The back yard is gorgeous.
Catherine said…
It is beautiful Cindy! So much space!