Dim Sum

What does that name mean to you? Maybe you like it, maybe you don't. Maybe you have never tried it or maybe you don't even know what it is and don't want to know. Well, the later is me. I have no desire to try it or even know what it is. BUT...I let Jennifer convince me to go to lunch with her at this Chinese restaurant in our local China Town here in Vegas. Hmmmm...did I just make a big mistake? So we walk into this restaurant, and it is pretty authentic Chinese. None of the tables had forks on them until we walked in, only chopsticks. Then the forks came out for us. Hmmm...do they think we can't eat with chopsticks? They handed us the menu. I looked for something familiar..but all I saw were WAY OUT there dishes...like things with chicken feet. "What has she gotten us into?" I think. I quickly scanned the menu and found my safe bet. Sweet & Sour Pork. You just can't go wrong with that dish. Jen of course called me a chicken and decided to eat the Dim Sum. As the ladies wheeled the carts around, I saw fried shrimp with the heads still on and their little beady eyes looking out at you from the plate they were on. The first thing Jen got looked ok and she liked them. Then she got some noodles, which looked good too. Ok I thought, maybe it's not so bad. She really wanted some dumplings. But, there was kind of a language barrier and when the steamed cart lady came, I told Jen, just try something...and she did. There it is...something with Pork is what I think they said.And here is Jen after she tasted it, with her FAKE smile, after she grimaced when she bit into it. LOL She said...oh...I don't like it. There were 3 more pieces left. I told her to dig in! Nummy....LOL needless to say, not another one was eaten. She called it a "Food Adventure". I said yeah, I had fun watching you eat that stuff and laughed.

Tonight, as I was trying to find some of the menu from the restaurant, I found this review:

"It's not dim sum from San Francisco so if you come in not expecting that, it's not too bad at all"

I had to laugh because Jen had just been to SF and had Dim Sum there and that is why she wanted to go again...Sorry Jen...I guess you will have to go back to SF for your Dim Sum...ummm but don't expect me to try it...


kerrip said…
LOL - I love "American" chinese food, so I was sure I'd love the real thing when one of our friends invited us to an authentic chinese restaurant -- his wife is chinese -- like speak no english chinese -- so I tried hard not to offend her, but I can sympathize.
inventivesoul said…
Cindy, honestly, some of the most amazing pieces of Chinese cuisine can be found trolling around on a dim sum cart!
I have been blown away many times in the past with delicious Haute cuisine!

Dumplings can be a wonderful treat!

By the way, I guess you figured it out, but dim sum is just like Spanish tapas, or American appetizers.
Food whims.
Not enough to be a meal, just enough to share.

Amber Dawn
PS- your home and studio look fun!
Nic Hohn said…
Good on you for stretching your comfort zone!Congratulations!
Catherine said…
If you ever DID come to S.F. and I took you to eat dim sum AND did all the ordering YOU would love it. I promise not to pick anything with eyes. HA!