All Moved

We are finished moving and now comes the unpacking and putting stuff, lots of stuff, into it's new home. I am loving my new place. It has a good vibe and flow to it. I will be taking pictures and posting soon. I would have had some already but apparently during the move, my computer died and I am trying to resurrect it. I think it's the power supply. I am hoping that is it! Thank God I started saving all my pics and important stuff to a portable hard drive! Thanks Sandy & Cengiz! LOL...they are the ones who put it on my computer. So stayed tuned for future pictures...


Sam I Am said…
Oh my gosh.. moving is no fun..and lotsa hard work!
Glad you are done and can put your feet up and sip wine or something yummy :)
the house looks GORGEOUS!!!! You are an amazing decorator!! Come do my house please!!!!