What I did today...

I packed...Ughhhhh We are moving soon to another house. I hate packing and moving...but, I am using this as an opportunity to purge and get rid of stuff I no longer need or want. I thought about having a garage sale, but decided that I would donate the stuff to goodwill and the salvation army because I have a wonderful life and just maybe, some of the things will help people in need. I do believe in Karma, so I am giving back because I have been blessed with much in my life.

This also gives me an opportunity to revise my studio! yeah! I already have ideas of what I am going to do. I am re purposing some items in my house and using them for more storage space in my room. I have ideas on how to decorate it and make it pretty as well. It will be downstairs now and right off of the living room, so I will need to keep it semi presentable. We should be moving about mid April so stay tuned for pics of my new place! Now...I just have to finish packing... :(


Anonymous said…
Hi Cindy!

Your blog is designed beautifully.

I need some tips on how to make my blog look pretty...where do you go to design those beautiful backgrounds and that wonderful Accountant Blog Banner?

Hope to see you around some time again...your work is sweet and original!

Elise B.