Still packing

I feel guilty that I haven't been posting often, but life has been a whirlwind lately. Today I packed my family room and most of the MBR. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Yeah! As I have been packing, my hubby has been bringing boxes to the dining room to stack, so that on moving day, we don't have to make alot of trips upstairs. We took apart the dining table and made room for the stacking. comes down to my room....Ugh.... It is amazing how much stuff one 11 x 12 room can hold. I still have 2 projects to make for submissions that are due by April 15th. I guess I should knock those out of the way so I can pack up all my supplies.

Got my new desk. Yeah! It is just sitting in it's box, waiting to be opened and put together. I can't not wait to get my room all put back together in the new house and get creating again!


Catherine said…
It sure is fun looking forward to setting up a new house. Yay for the desk! See you when you take your first house photos.