Not as planned

This weekend did not go as planned. I did pack up my living room and dining room but in the process I think I broke my toe! My pinky toe. I stubbed it on the foot of the couch hard. Hard enough to cut it and now it is all black and blue and hurts to walk. I took a pic of it and I was gonna put it on here...but I decided better of it, because I just realized how ugly my toes are! LOL So, needless to say, I did not do my project. Bummer. But I guess, it really doesn't need to be done until we move and I want to start putting stuff back into it.

I will leave you with pictures of Red Rock. I had to go to Jens this weekend to feed her kitties and she lives at the edge of town...and I mean the can't go any further west!

I hope the coming week is a good one for everybody!


I enjoy your pics so much. I live in SC, work in an office....I'm an A/P clerk. So your pics allow me to see into other worlds. thanks for sharing.
I forgot to mention that the company I work for does paving. So we kinda have a few things in common. You realize how boring my life is behind this desk!!
Amy said…
OW! I can sympathize with the moving. I am hoping we will be doing that soon. By the way I tagged you here-
kecia said…
i use to live in Vegas - love Red Rock Canyon; those little burros/donkeys are so cute! i use to live near Nellis.