Next to last creations before moving...

I had some flowers I had to create for some orders, so here they are:

I am getting pretty good at putting these together. My next creations I won't be able to show as they are submissions to magazines. 12 Days till moving day! Yeah! Donated a bunch of stuff to good will today and worked on packing some of my room. My hubby keeps coming in here and looking around and telling me it's gonna take 2 weeks just to pack this room. I just tell him to get out...LOL


abbymaya said…
These are really lovely and your work just keeps getting better and better.

Good luck on the packing, I've started packing up our house and we're not moving until fall!
These are awesome!! and it's hard to pick a favorite this time. (Don't know why I do that...probably comes from childhood looking throught the Sears catalog and pretending I could pick ONE thing from every page) I'm so fond of pink as of late, but this last amber one is maybe my fav. Packing..uuurrrggghhh just awful. Yet, sometimes you find what you were looking for months ago!! LOL

xo Rella
Sam I Am said…
ohhh cindy..these are just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! :) :) :)

Have fun packing up and moving.. i will send you lots of 'energy vibes'!
remember to take time to put your feet up and at least sip ONE glass of wine ;)
Nic Hohn said…
Just devine!I love the combination of materials!