My 2 Cents

I figure since this is my blog, I can spout of a time or two. Here are some things that I have seen recently and I really wanted to say something at the time on the blog or in a group posting, BUT...I know better....So, I figure I can do it here. I won't name names or groups etc, but as you read this and you have a negative emotion, then maybe there is something to it. Maybe it is something you need to work on. I know that what I have seen and reacted to are things I need to work on, BUT...don't you love that just totally gives you an excuse to wipe out all the stuff you just said before. Ok...where was I? is my list of comments, curiosities and whatever:

1. Why is it that when you are on a yahoo group, we just use yahoo as an example, that some people feel the need to be just downright rude? You know, I may think those exact words that were just written, but I sure as hell am not gonna write them down in a group forum and have a zillion people attack me. Are they stupid or what? See...I have learned my lesson here... I can think it all day long, but don't put it in writing. Hey??? What am I doing now??? Have I learned my lesson?

2. As artists, especially in this mixed media world in which I choose to participate, you have to make yourself available to your fans. Is it that when someone gets a big fan base that they change? Or were they always that way and only played the game until they got big? I am just wondering if being successful, brings out peoples true colors because they don't have to cater to every ones whims, or does having all these people shouting for your attention make you withdrawal to protect yourself? Does anyone have an answer?

3. Does anyone else have a hard time with self promotion? Sometimes, it seems so hard and other times it seems easy. Am I alone in this? I think not.

4. Why is it when someone is successful that people feel a need to bring you down a notch? I have had that in my life a number of times, where someone has been jealous of my success and can't stand it. Even someone from my family has said I was "lucky". I took offense to that at the time, and I can honestly say that, luck played some part of my life. But if you look at the first part of my life...luck was no where to be found. I moved out of my parents house at 16 to live with my sister, who soon after I moved there ended up getting a divorce and couldn't handle a wild rebellious 17 year old, so I got married, had a baby at 18, got separated numerous times, moved back with parents, couldn't stand that and tried to work 2 jobs, one from 7am to 4pm then 5pm to 1am, to take care of my 9 month old son whom I never saw, and I was also taking care of my friend who watched him, then I ended up living in my car with my 9 month old son for a couple of weeks, until my car caught of fire and that is when I decided to go back to my husband at the time...Whew... LOL So..from there, I have worked my ass off to get where I am today. Luck had nothing to do with that part. I made choices, obviously better than before, and now I am enjoying the fruits of my efforts. And if anyone wants to think that, it was luck, then that is their right because everyone has an opinion, right?

So...that's enough for now of my 2 cents, I must go and pick up a drunk husband...LOL Men!


kerrip said…
I love it when you rant, Cindy!!! As for the successful people, some may truly lose interest once they become successful, but probably others are overwhelmed with new responsibilities that are part of success. And as for being "lucky" I totally agree with you!! My husband once called me "spoiled" because I had gotten something that I wanted, and I was furious!!!! I reminded him that I have held down a job since I was 15, and that I was not spoiled I was deserving. I had earned my success, just as you have ... and wow, what a beginning. You go girl!!!!
You go ahead and say it girlfriend!! You are so funny when you have some powerful things to say. Well, heck, you are funny pretty much all the time.

I hear ya........and I was pretty sure you were a hard working, butt kicking kind of gal before......but now I am POSITIVE!!

xi Rella
Anonymous said…
I don't have any answers to your questions but I have to give you a "you go girl!"

You must have a strong spirit to have lived through all of that and turned out to be the creative artist that you are.
I say "bless your heart" because I mean it.
Bless your heart. No one should have to live the life you've lived and seem to still be living in part if you're married to "a drunk husband".
I'm going to pray for you - adding you to my prayer list - so know that at least one person is praying for you.
And, if there is ANYTHING that I can do to make your life easier, please email me. My heart breaks for people that are hurting - and that's not pity, that's concern.

One of my favorite sayings is,
"Be kinder than necessary because everyone is fighting some kind of battle."
Seems to fit in with all you commented on!

have a fabulous evening,
Deryn Mentock said…
Ha! Listen to you! Well, here's my "wise" 2 cents: it's all about looking up, out, and away from ourselves. Nothing is as cleansing, generous or important as putting others before ourselves. This is why we are to first love God with all our hearts, minds and souls...and then love our neighbors as we love ourselves. What would our world be like then?!