I'm back now...

I went to my Sister's in Phoenix for Easter and now I am back home. I will leave you with a photo story of parts of my trip. Here is what you see when you drive to Phoenix from Las Vegas. Megan driving. This is our first road trip where she has driven. Still has the learners permit, but I figured it was a good learning opportunity. More Cactus... More Cactus...if you haven't gotten it by now...there are lots of cactus' out there.... and these too:We went to the Renaissance Fair while there:

Megan got to ride an Elephant and I got to pet one. It was pretty cool. They have such expressive eyes. They were the sweetest things. That's all for now.


Yup, lots of cactus. Lots. they have personalities in a way.

Great pics and I hope you had a wonderful time. When do you move???

xo Rella
kerrip said…
You are amazing Cindy. I would be so overwhelmed just by your upcoming move that I would not be able to do all this and enjoy it. -- PS I think one of those cactus (or is it cacti?) is flipping you the bird. (or is it something else?) LOL
ps pirro said…
Just wandered by from Something Sublime... had to comment that my daughter and I were on vacation in Phoenix (via train from Indiana) at the same time you were, went to the same Rennie Faire, probably saw lots of the same cactus, and were in the process of home-buying when we took our trip. One difference: we bought the home we'd been renting, so no moving for us. (Also: I love those bookcases. I have some old ones in the garage and think I might try doing that!)