I think I have found my new working desk!

Since we are moving, I decided that it was a chance to revamp my art studio/office. I hate the table I work on now as it is just not working for me. So I have been on the lookout for something that would work for me but not another full size desk as I already have this set shown below.So here it is. It is so perfect because it will go with my idea that I was planning for to go on the opposite side of the room from the big desk. This will be my soldering/jewelry area. I can stick all my containers of beads on the shelves and they are right there. About a month ago, I bought some black storage pieces to go in my room when it's revamped, and they go perfectly with this desk! It was meant to be! LOL I am so excited now about getting my room back to working order. Only 26 days till moving day! I think I am gonna have to go downstairs right now and work on my project so you can see what will be sitting next to this desk!


abbymaya said…
I'm envious that you still get to solder in the house! Now that hubby's home all the time he got a whiff of solder in the house, built me a workbench and sent me to the garage! Most of the time it's great until it warms up which in Texas, is 9 months of the year! I choose to look at it as a weight loss opportunity.

I love this desk though, my furniture is all black to coordinate with the pink. :) Clearly great minds no black is the way to go!
Lisa Gallup said…
Your work space is sooo neat! And I looove the desk you will be getting! I'm slowly revamping my studio, but it's pretty much a MESS usually! lol thankfully, it's off the living room, so it's not RIGHT THERE where everyone can see it all the time. :)
kerrip said…
Your beautiful work is so deserving of a beautiful work space - love this desk!!! Good luck with the continued packing Cindy!!!