Horton Hears a Who comes out tomorrow!

Yeah! I love Horton Hears a Who. Always have. I want to see this, but I think I will wait a few weeks as I am sure it's gonna be nuts! And this weekend...I am going to Kohls to see if they still have the stuffed Horton! I hope so...

And remember...a person's a person no matter how small!


Judy said…
and I suppose horton will become a handbag maybe too???
Lynn said…
hey, I thought we were going to see the movie together???
kecia said…
hey your Etsy store anniversary is tomorrow! that's cool we are in Nina's class. i actually know a lot of the girls in there, so it should be a fun class! so what was the rudest on the yahoo group you were talking about? 'cuz i have a couple bugs too about others, but we may be pages apart! so you love HOrton loves a Who - big deal? your entitled!