Changing my look again

I love to play around with the look of my blog, but tonight I screwed it up! LOL So...I will have to fix it but for now, this is what it is. Arrgghhhh. I really need to take a class on HTML. It would be so much less frustrating if I some knowledge of it! Not much else to post. More packing tomorrow. I hate moving. MAYBE this weekend I can get my project done that I was going to do last weekend but hurt my toe. My toe is better. Still sore, but I can walk without a limp now for the last few days. If I get my project done for my room I will post a pic here.


While I realize this is a St. Patty's theme......I must say it's a very soothing look. The colors are easy on the eyes and it's just lovely.

Good luck packing. Yuk. I hate packing and moving.

xo Rella