A Day in the Life of Cindy

People are always asking what it is like to live in Las Vegas and do I like it. For the most part it is just like living anywhere else. I never go down to the strip unless family is in or I really really want to go shopping for something at a store that is only located at one of the Casino's or the Fashion Show Mall. Some of my favorite stores down there are Z Gallerie, Dept 56, and Sur La Table So here is my typical or not so typical day. Be warned this is a long post. Every morning I get up and get ready for work. My kitty Sammy, comes into the bathroom with me and waits for me to turn on the faucet for him to drink out of.
I say good bye to Megan- "Bye Megan" "Bye Mom-your so weird!" LOL
Then I say good bye to Missy who always stands on the couch. She hates to have her picture taken so she turns her head.
Then I drive to work. Here are the mountains to the East. The sun is coming up and it's a chilly day.
Here is the morning traffic on I-15. Typical rush hour or should I say HOURS traffic. You can see the stratosphere off to the left, The Wynn is the Bronze one above the silver car and Trump tower is on the right. The Gold one.
Oh, look, Jen is getting here the same time I am...hmmmm is she sick? She is on time???? LOL
I walk into my office. Not so clean anymore and with the auditors here, my desk is a MESS!!
Ok...it's time for my morning Soda. That is my coffee.
A little while latter, I bust out the sunflower seeds. Gotta have my salt fix. It's THAT time, so I go back and forth between my salt and sweet cravings. LOL...I know...TMI. Or as my sister Susie would say T-I-M. LOL Long story but my sisters will laugh.
I have a bunch of paper work to go to the auditors and they are across the parking lot at the "Mother Ship" as Frank the owner would call it. So out the door I go... In the summer when it's 115 I hate to go over there...The heat walking across the parking lot is UNbearable.
Here I am....walking.
Ok...so I just canceled my day off that I was gonna take this week on friday. To much to do with work and all. Gotta love audits.
I think I might need this bottle of Gin that is under my desk. LOL...it's been there since Christmas. I'll just keep it there in case of a real emergency.
The auditors are getting on my nerves. Sometimes, they ask the most stupid questions! Can this day get any more irritating? Lets ask the Magic 8 Ball. This is no normal magic 8 ball. It's a Lemony Snicket magic 8 Ball. I love Lemony Snicket. Read all the books. They are definitely better than the movie. Anyways, back to the question. Can this day get any more irritating?
Oh No!!!! LOL Calamity Confirmed!
Just as I was about to give up hope...my sister Sammy IM's me. Hi Sammy Ammy. She was just saying hi before she went home for the night. She lives in Istanbul Turkey, and it was almost midnight her time. They have their own business and she works all kinds of hours. Crazy Girl.
Time to go home. Hop in the car and listen to my favorite radio station.
getting back on the highway to head back home. Gotta love the traffic.
Heading West here are the mountains...These are the mountains heading North. And the ___hole in the silver car that cut me off just a minute earlier... Do you want to play hangman to figure out the rest of the letters? LOL There are only 3.
And...we pay just as much at the pump! Can you believe this is ok? When the oil companies are posting record profits. Not just millions but Billions! Something is wrong with that picture.
I get home and I go down the street to the mailbox to get the mail. No personal mailboxes for us. They have these little cluster boxes for everyones mail.
Ok...You just have to love getting a Subpoena in the mail. No, I am not in trouble. A while back I was a witness to a guy that rammed his car into another car on purpose! I called 911 and took the guys license plate down and then identifed the car when the police stopped him a couple miles down the road. It was just such an insane thing to see. So, I get to go to court and testify.
So...I come home. Look in the fridge and freezer. Whats for dinner?
Hmmmm....it's Wednesday Night. Boy's night, Hubby hangs out with his friend Byron. No cooking for me. Megan is at a friends house so I am gonna make me a treat. Shrimp Cocktail. Of course I use beer in the water that I boil the shrimp in. Make them taste so much better. Mmmmmm. Yummy.
And now, here I sit at my computer, posting my blog and listening to the guys talking downstairs. Loudly they are talking...the more beer they drink. I will be driving Byron home in a little while. He will be toasted.
So...that is a day in my life. Pretty boring huh? LOL What are your days like? Post it on your blog and then let me know so I can check it out!


Kelly Snelling said…
i enjoyed your day in vegas! my day was nutso. i would have been the one crashing my car (but not on purpose) if i had tried to take pictures of it! i think it's too funny that your kitty drinks from the sink. what a cutie.
Kate said…

That was so much fun, I loved your day. My cat drinks out of the faucet too! I thought I was the only one with a weird cat.,

Rochelle said…
You are too funny Mrs Dean! What scares me though is the fact that you were taking pitures while driving and Doug yells at me for putting my lipstick on in the car. LOL
HappyDayArt! said…
I was so entertained! Really, I am a total voyeur. I loved every minute.

Those pets own the place, your daughter was smiling when she said you were weird, you need something fruity to go with the gin, the magic 8 ball "thinks" it knows everything.

HEY!!!! I pay $3.49 for gas!!! so I don't know what you are talking about. I guess we are really getting hosed.

I have never gotten a subpoena, and I sure would have liked one of those shrimp coctails. Make that a double.

I took pictures of myself in the car today "while" I was driving. Luckily, no accident and no one to give me any flak.

YOU are funnnnnnnny!

Naturegirl said…
Well Cindy now I can get that picture of you dressed in the gliz and glam + sparkles ..guess that's how you pick out the tourists in Vegas ! LOVE beer shrimp!!
I do the peel and eat...cook them up
with beer and spices then lay them out on newspaper draped table and peell n eat!! :)NG
I so love spending the day with you that was fun what a GREAT post!
Julie Collings said…
yikes! i couldn't read the text unless i highlighted it. the white on the background doesn't show up on my mac. i just had to read what you had posted with each of your photographs.
what a wonderful way to journal your day!
i enjoyed myself totally and laughed out loud!
take care, julie
GreenishLady said…
Cindy, I came over to join your OWOH draw, and stayed to see what else you get up to. I enjoyed spending a day with you! Your jewellery is really beautiful, and those "seed packets" are really inspired. It was nice to meet you.
kerrip said…
I'm exhausted after trailing along on all of your errands. I love Peter Walsh, and I just happened to get home early enough last Thursday to catch him on Oprah, plugging that book -- but you know, I've already told you I am a wannabe professional organizer (and i also have a very small house so I have to purge regularly.!)