Another Great Day

This morning as I was letting the dog out, I noticed that our tree had some flowers on it. Spring has arrived!

I took a few pictures and started to walk back in the house and my neighbor was outside, looking at me like I was nuts! LOL

Then my hubby suprised me at work with these:Today is our 16th wedding anniversary. I feel very lucky to have made it this long with my hubby. We have had some major ups and downs on the roller coaster of love and hopefully, we have past the steep drops I hope and have moved on to the kiddie size roller coaster! LOL

For lunch, I attended the Go Red for Women Luncheon. As I was sitting there, listening to Wayne Newton, yes I said Wayne Newton, I said to have got to get a picture of him for your blog. He was almost done speaking so I had to hurry and whip out my camera. This is so Vegas.

Then I came back to work and had a good laugh at Jen's expense. Sometimes she is just so gullible! She had printed out her cash sheet and as I was finishing getting what I had faxed I grabbed her sheet and we passed each other in the hall. Me on the way back to my desk and her on the way to the printer. I laid her cash sheet on her keyboard and went into my office. She then proceeded to start complaining asking what happened to her print job. She must have spent a good 5 minutes at that machine. Filled it up with paper and such. Then she started asking people if that had taken her sheet. She asked me and I said nope. LOL...she then went to her desk and I heard " it is!" We all started laughing at her and she knew that I had been screwing with her. That's what you get for being mean to me Jen! LOL

Left work and went out to dinner with my man. Then we went to the furniture store and he liked the couch I have picked out. Yeah! Looking forward to getting those! It seems that you have just spent another day in the life of Cindy. Is it boring? I know my sisters like to read about it. I wish I COULD READ ABOUT THEIRS.... Um...Sandy...have you used your camera yet???? I wouldn't know because there are NO PICTURES up on your blog yet. When where you here??? LOL Love ya sis.

Comments is it The real Wayne or a Vegas Wayne. LOLOL

You have great meetings!!

xo Rella