Someone felt the need to correct me on my blog

This is what I woke up to this morning. 1 Comment on my last post:

Murdered? No Cindy, it was an accident that happened in her home. Get your facts straight!

Obviously, someone I work with has some underlying issues with me and feels the need to try and put me in my place but are to CHICKEN SHIT to leave their name. So here is my response the the person that told me to get my facts straight. Here is where I got my facts. Channel 13 News. Channel 8 News, Fox 5 News & the Las Vegas Review Journal. If you think I am wrong, then you need to get your facts straight. My blog is my space and I am allowed to write whatever feelings I have. So...tell the news channels to get their facts straight if you are so knowledgeable and if you make a comment on my blog telling me what to do then have enough guts to leave your name. None of this matters though...nothing can change the fact that she is gone and I am very saddened by these events.


I don't have a key that looks like clapping..........tipping my coffee cup to ya.....

xo Rella
Anonymous said…
Cindy, I'm so sorry about the murdered woman and I'm so sorry that some anonymous poster is being a jerk. This is why I closed my Typepad blog. I was getting really nasty comments from an anonymous poster on my Live Journal (who I later found out was an old boyfriend). Anyhoo, I went totally private with my blog, so now you have to be a LJ friend to read it and I no longer accept anonymous posts. Could you set your journal up so anonymous posts aren't allowed? (((hugs))) ~Lisa Gallup
Halo Hill said…
I know this is an old post, but good for you! You go girl!