New Flower

Of course this looks much cuter in person. This one is made with Strawberry Quartz and it has little seed beads at the end of wires that I curled upwards. I gave this one to Jen this morning. She fell in love with it. LOL...she was wearing a sweater today and I TOLD her that this flower was NOT GOOD to wear around sweaters! So I am walking by her office this morning and she has her back to the door and I can see her arm up around her head and I was wondering what she was doing!??? I asked...and then started laughing when she turned around because she was stuck! LOL Her sweater had caught on to one of the little seed bead wires and she couldn't get it undone! I was laughing so hard. I did help her get free and told her....see...I told you so! I know she won't be wearing that again with that sweater! The good news??? Belle Armoire asked for 2 more flowers to be sent to them, so I was creating last night and sent them this morning. Yeah!


Jen Gabaldon said…
You were right, as much as i hate to admit it! Reading that made me laugh hard all over again! I love it so much!!!!
Kate said…

The flowers are so neat. Good news for Belle Armoire too. I can say I knew you before you were famous.

abbymaya said…
Cindy that rocks (hehehehe)! Hearing your good news is awesome and well deserved.
kerrip said…
Just gorgeous. I have always been blown away by our soldering abilities.
Lori Roberts said…
WOW!!! Now you can teach me please!
I was just thinking how much I liked this one and looking to see if you had an etsy link, when I saw your post at the end. I am so happy for you and please keep us all posted. You go, girl!
Trish G.