Learning Patience in my Art

I have been a little under the weather the past couple days so I have not accomplished much. last night I did start on my Provence Piece. I have an issue though. I have a tough time waiting. Waiting for something to dry, waiting to find just the right thing, waiting to finish it. When I am working, I want to do it NOW. (It seems to be a theme in my life, this wanting it NOW!) BUT, I held back last night I want this piece to be good. I want it to be right, and as I was starting to see how it was coming together, I wasn't thrilled with it. So, I stopped. Then I did some rearranging and THEN it started to take on the look I wanted! So...I put it away for the night. I then started working on another piece, that is actually due before the Provence one! I better get in gear! I am involved in an Altered Art Challenge hosted by the lovely Kerri Posson. It is a little Chinese chess set box. My theme will be How do I Love Thee? I have it all worked out! I just need to find my glasses because I have some small detail work to be done and I found out I really need them to see close up now! So, maybe tonight after I work some more on both pieces, I will post a progress shot.


abbymaya said…
Patience is a tough one and I'm right there with you on learning to not hurry everything along! I know your pieces are going to be beautiful and can't wait to see them.

Feel better,
kerrip said…
I have the same problem with waiting, and I have ruined many a project by trying to forge ahead before something was dry, etc. To prevent this impatience, I often work on 2 things at once, now, so that I can occupy hands, while one piece is drying - or when I need a break to spark my creativity again. My chess set involved a lot of individual pieces that needed to dry, so I worked on it for just one hour a night, which was good because I don't have much time in the evenings.