Just Stuff

I didn't know what to put for a title today. Have you ever just drawn a blank? There isn't one certain thing that my blog is focusing on tonight. I just felt a need to blog. I didn't get my flowers posted on Etsy yet but 2 are already gone. I also have a couple custom orders to make, but that won't be until I get my Altered Art Challenge project done. I have been thinking about my project all day (except for the quick trip to the bead store where I found the greatest flower petal beads!) I am struggling with which way to go on this project of mine. I have 2 ideas and I can't decide. Arrggghhhhh. I just don't want to mess it up as I only have one box to play with! I don't get a second chance! So, I sit here...debating...waffling back and forth.

Today in the mail, I got my certificate for the naming the new mall contest that I won last year. I won't be able to use the gift certificate until 2010 now... I guess I better keep the certificate in my fire safe cause I am bound to lose it having to hold onto it for so long! It was 2009, but now they have extended it until the middle of 2010. Good thing I am staying in Vegas!

On another positive note, my brother has decided to be known to his sisters again! I haven't seen him since I was around 10 years old. That was over 30 years ago. He is actually at my oldest sisters house now. He had a life changing event, he was stuck out on a sailboat in the gulf of Mexico for 28 days and then rescued by a Dutch freighter! So we are extremely happy that he is safe and is talking to us now. Life doesn't always give you second chances, so we are happy that it did in our family with him.

I guess that is all for now. Nothing exciting.


kerrip said…
I feel bad that our challenge is keeping you from your floral extravaganza!!!
Judy said…
Wow that is amazing about your brother - glad that you will reunite soon.
Wow! I am speechless with this post. I am wondering what tales your brother has and how you feel about this new chapter. I'm happy that you and your sisters have him "back"
xo Rella