It's Done-Ces't La Vie my package is off to Belle Armoire. It will be there on Monday. If I did something wrong with submitting it, Ces't La Vie. Such is life of living and learning. I have butterflies in my stomach not knowing if I did the right thing posting it here for the world to see but I did it and I am not taking it down. If they choose my stuff for publication, great, if they don't then I can live with that too. At least I tried and I will keep trying until they get sick of me and say...just put SOMETHING of hers in so we can get her off our back! LOL.

I am in the process of making more of these little flower pendants, which I will then list on Etsy. I love making them. They are different from anything I have seen jewelry wise and that is what I wanted was to be original! Thank you to everyone for being supportive and to those that are trying to let me know that it's OK if I don't get published and to keep on trying.

You have to take risks to reap the rewards. So here is to Risk.


Now I read that you are making more of these.........terrific. You are on the right track. Well, ANOTHER one, anyhow. I love all your pieces.
xo Rella