Happy New Year!

I know it that time of years when everybody makes resolutions. And I too started to make a list. (Yes Lynn, a list) My sister Lynn is the queen of lists! I have always been a by the seat of my pants kinda girl and it has worked out for me so far in life, but I want more. So instead of resolutions, I decided that this is going to be a year of goals. Resolutions have no plan...no guide on how to get to the resolution, but goals on the otherhand have steps. If you sit down and write a plan on how to get to your goal it will be much clearer on how to get there. So here are some of my goals for 2008:

1. To get my art published in Somerset Studio or some other creative magazine.
2. To be more active in my Yahoo Groups
3. To buy a house.
4. To purge items that I no longer use but have held onto for years that are stuffed in boxes!
5. To be paperless in my home office by the end of 2008.

Believe me, that last one is a doozie! I am so tired of filing. It seems that I always end up with piles and piles of paper waiting to be filed. Magazine articles that I rip out to save, receipts, bank statements. Its all going to be scanned and then shredded! I have a busy year ahead of me, but I am looking forward to it. I have already started on my goals during the last week. No need to wait till New Years Day to start! I have added a countdown and a to do list for my #1 Goal. You can watch my progress if anybody is interested. I am learning all kinds of cool things for my blog.

So go ahead, make goals instead of resolutions. It is going to be a GREAT year!


kerrip said…
Hi Cindy,
Yes, Yes!! Write it down, say it out loud and do it!! I am sure you will be successful (except for that last one - wow really paperless??? - see, i just love paper - I agree with less paper --- but paperless???)
I would also encourage you to submit some of your jewelry work to Belle Armoire - you do such great jewelry work... and if I can help in any way, let me know. I found that just packing everything in an organized way, and providing some narrative, as well as materials and insructions was helpful. They like it when the whole package is organized... and if they contact you -- respond eagerly. I dropped the ball on one potential somerset project, and they quickly moved on!!!