Grateful for my life I have now.

Sometimes things happen, tragic things that make you step back and take a look at your own world. A former coworker was murdered on Wednesday. I am in shock and disbelief. This world we live in can be so cruel. But in the same breath there is good all around. I think I work for one of the best companies for family. They are taking donations for this woman's children and I know that there will be alot of help for this family even though she no longer worked for the company. I am grateful I work there around such wonderful people. I am grateful for my wonderful family, my husband, kids and sisters. I am grateful for all my friends. For my new art friends that I have made through this blog and from Art retreats. I have been blessed in life. Take a look around and I bet your life won't look too bad right now. Please say a prayer for this woman and the children that she left behind.


Anonymous said…
Murdered? No Cindy, it was an accident that happened in her home. Get your facts straight!

Bottom line. She is no less dead.
The loss is still deep. It still hurts your heart.

xo Rella
Lynn said…
she was murdered her boyfriend confessed to police, you can check it out with the new organizations.