Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Couple more flowers

I have listed these on Etsy. I am having fun making these. I already have 2 more 1/2 done. So many ideas, so little time.


Lynn said...

I think you should have submitted all three.

Jen Gabaldon said...

I love it! your creativity always amazes me!

Anonymous said...

Cindy, these are SO lovely! What a creative mind you have. I'd love to have a whole bouquet!


purplepaint said...

Cindy - these are gorgeous! I'm sure they'll be published! :) Marva

JeanM said...

These are beautiful. Hope you are published.

Sam I Am said...

cindy..these are just beautiful!!!! i have no doubt that you will be published.. you rock :)

and thank you soooooo much for your help on getting my stooopid backgrounds to show up on my were a dear to take time from your busy day to help me..and i truly appreciate that :)