Boston-Bean Town-Part 2 of Trip

Just thought I would post some of my pics from when we went to Boston on our trip back home.Here is the Harbor. I love sail boats. I wish I could go sailing now....sigh. We went to the New England Aquarium while we were there. The first picture is a sea dragon. It looks like a piece of seaweed that wrapped itself on a seahorse. Here is Megan (her hand) picking up a starfish. Her favorite shape is a star and she is of course drawn to these. Just had to pick one up.And last but not least, my picture of a Boston Drain. LOL Terry and Megan made sure they were not standing any where near me when I took this picture. I guess that did not wanted to be associated with the crazy woman taking pictures of the drain. LOL I thought is was cool!


monique said…
LOL! Funny about the drain picture! My family does that, too... backs away from some of my "creative" activities.

That's a great goal list you have, too!
kerrip said…
Okay, so maybe you aren't an earthy-crunchy stick-gatherer, but here you are taking pictures of a drain in Boston. Too funny!!!