Altered Art Challenge done and mailed

This weekend I finished my Altered Art Challenge piece. Here are 2 tidbit pictures,

when Kerri Posson posts them or when I get permission to let you see the whole thing, I will post it. I am ok with how it turned out for the most part but it could be better in other areas. I learned that I don't like working with objects when there is only one and if you screw up, your screwed! LOL

I was busy, busy, busy this weekend. Had to get the piece done. Then I had to make the house showable because people where coming on Sunday to look at it. Then I had to work on Sunday. Only for about 4 hours, then I went to the bead store AGAIN. I have a custom order I need to complete and had to find a special color of beads.

Missed work today. Had a severe Migraine this morning. They suck. I usually can take one of my prescription headache pills and make it a dull headache but when I wake up and it's there...forget it.

I guess that is all for now. I will be working on a few things. More flowers of course and my Provence theme piece for Somerset Studio that my count down shows 17 days left. I had better get in gear!


Sherry said…
Sorry to hear about the migraine Cindy -- my youngest son gets those so I can feel for you!!

Love what you have done here and hope you will post all of it when it has been delivered and received.

Can't wait to see what you are doing for the Provence theme for Somerset -- the countdown is on!! I thought about doing this but knew I'd never make the timeline -- I have so many things on the go!!

Good luck in my my giveaway -- maybe this time you'll be lucky!!! Fingers crossed!! :)
kerrip said…
Cindy - I love this glimpse of your altered art piece. It's so perfect and pink - I can't wait to see it in person!!!!...and I know what you mean about having only one to screw up ... I actually had 2 extras, and when I lamented that I wasn't that crazy about my finished piece, she suggested I just make another one... but I wouldn't because I felt that would be cheating since no one else could do that!!!