Last Chance to Comment! #149

This is the last blog before my giveaway! Comment before Monday evening and you will have a chance to win something I am creating. I have been playing today. On my computer that is. I learned how to change the backgrounds on my blog and add different things. It only took me about 4 hours! I have the hang of it now! I should have been creating art but I saw someone Else's blog recently that had different backgrounds and I just had to figure out how to do it! So what do you think? I am loving it.

Ok...I had to edit this post because I am finished with my latest creation for the give away! Here it is:
"Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Men"
Here is a close up:
It is made with Aqua Marine Faceted gems, quartz, steel, and a cute miniature perfume bottle I found at the antique store last week. I made the chain in back long, but you can shorten to your liking. I will be making my daughter pick up the name out of a jar tomorrow night after I get home from work. Good luck everyone!


Jen Gabaldon said…
It looks good! You are so smart!
Kate said…
I love the new look! I'd also love to be entered in your give away.

lklight said…
Oooh, I just love it, how did you do it?
I've been wondering about that for months, it never occurred to me to just ask someone!
Tejae said…
It looks great!
I'd like to know how to add the background...send me an email would you? -tejae (from tejaesart(at)yahoo)

oh, and sign me up for the giveaway!! :)
Lynn said…
I love it! It looks so cool....can I change my mind....LOL....just know what I mean..Your jewelry is beautiful! I also love the backgrounds, I would like to know how to do it too!!
Jes said…
I've always loved the look of vintage backgrounds on blogs! You've done a great job combining the different elements and colors!

Thanks for swinging by my site, and of course I'm commenting to get in on the contest:)

Jes Berry
abbymaya said…
Love this piece and the new background!
kerrip said…
Hi Cindy,
I love your new blog background. Now I'm going to have to find 4 hours to play with blogger... I love changing the look of my blog.
Shel said…
I love the new backgrounds-so chic! LOL. The necklace is absolutely gorgeous. You are very talented, my dear. I don't have that kind of patience.
Phyl said…
Please add my name to the pot for the drawing for your simply gorgeous little necklace with the tiny perfume bottle! I just found your blog; love it! And wish when you have time, email me and tell me HOW to do the wonderful backgrounds on my blog?!
Thanks so much!
Stacie said…
Hey Cindy- Loving the blog background. I think you should post a tutorial about that! LOL. And the necklace- fantastic piece, I love the way you attached the pendant & the twisted rings. Nice ;-) Off to the group to yak more about it!
angel said…
Okay seriously....I have been locked out of my google blogger password for so long, and I have tried so many times to respond to your posts...only to give up in frustration. Tonight I kept trying and here I am! Jen's post from Bono just had me going!
So especially because of my inept-ness (is that even a word?)at this whole blog thing, I have always been impressed that you even have one, and now you are doing backgrounds??? Seriously. Show off.
Miss you roomie!