I made myself something pretty

Here it is. My first necklace for myself. I am not much of a jewelry wearer until recently. I found these Citrine Nuggets and I feel in love with them. I made this with twisted steel. And the focal piece is a chandelier drop that I diamond glazed a picture of flowers from a vintage dictionary that I added some color to with water colors. I am really happy with the way it turned out and I am wearing it tomorrow. I know Jen will comment on it. If I could find some red gems that were faceted, I would love to make one of these again with the red.
Here is the close up of the drop.

So...any comments?


abbymaya said…
This piece is really lovely and the central drop is beautiful! What a fantastic job you've done here.
kerrip said…
absolutely gorgeous Cindy. My fingertips hurt for you. This looks like a lot of hand work, but what a great piece.
Jes said…
VERY~VERY stunning!!!!!

Happy Holidays!

~Jes http://sweetpeas.motime.com
Sam I Am said…
Merrrrrry Christmas!!!!!