#150 And the winner is....No not you Jen!

LOL...Sorry Jen...you were not the lucky winner. I know you wanted me to put your name in for as many times as you posted but no such luck! Ok...drum roll please... Isn't the little bucket soooo cute? The lovely Kerri Posson made it for me when we did a swap. I made Megan do the honors of picking the names and...
So it is Amy Huff! Thanks everyone for joining in the fun. And thanks for all the great comments. Since everyone is so interested in how to change backgrounds on blogger, I am going to try and put together a tutorial for everyone in the next few days so stay tuned if your interested!


Jen Gabaldon said…
I cant believe i didnt win!!!!! But more importantly did everyone see the amount of different colored scissors on the back wall?!!??!!
Yes........I wondered about the scissors and thought "hmmmm I never considered a collection of scissors..sure like the many colors!!
Congrats Amy...I know you will love this beautiful creation...I sure adore mine...as a matter of fact, It's out and ready to put on in the morning. Yup, a special Cindy Dean Original.
Lucky girl Rella xo