Why is it that after 4 days of time off from work, where I didn't do much and got lots of rest, that the first day back to work is always so tiring? As we sat in our Monday morning meeting, I noticed, it wasn't just me...everyone seemed to take awhile to get back into the swing of things. Right now at work, it is crazy hectic. We just had the auditors here and we are finishing up with our build out and I am trying to plan for our open house party that is on the 5th. Nothing is finished! Little things here and there. My new office just got one of my walls filled in today! Now they have to tape it, texture it, and paint it. I have a layer of dust over everything because of the drywall they put up today and my closet door is the wrong size so i need that fixed before they can stain it. It took them 6 weeks to get the last door up! And I have to make sure the place looks picture perfect by next Wednesday! And I am going to a leadership seminar on Thursday and Friday so 2 less days to do things! I am SURE it will all come together! But it makes for a very tense time. I do like my new office. It is WAY bigger than what I had before. I have even done some decorating. As soon as my closet door is done I will take some pictures. (Ummm...sandy...it would be a shame if I get my pics up before you do!) That was just a note for my little sister who purchased a camera while she was here visiting. Seems she hasn't even used it YET! LOL Hint, hint.

No art today...I just bummed when I got home. Watched TV and relaxed. I do have ideas bouncing in my head, but I need to clear my work space again to be able to work.


Cindy, I have misplaced your address, AGAIN....and I have a morsel to send you. Two morsels, actually. If you would send to my work addy which is
cgauthier at tgen.org that would be great.

I am thinking of you and visit almost every day....AND I wear my most beautiful necklace every at LEAST once a week. When I'm not wearing it, it's displayed so I can see it all the time in my nest.

xo Rella