Thursday, November 15, 2007


So....I WAS going to go to the ArtNest in February, but a few things have happened, and now I cannot afford to go. :( First we had to take my hubby's motorcycle to the shop because it broke down. That cost us a few hundred and then...his laptop just died. The laptop that he uses to put tuning adjustments on his motorcycle! So....we just replaced that. So my art money went right out the door. With it being so close to Christmas, I just can't justify spending that kinda money on an Art trip for me. We are going to his mothers for the first time ever for Christmas, and I want him to have a wonderful time with his family. So, I sacrifice. It's more than worth it, because he has ALWAYS let me do what I want financially, so now it's his turn. But I can still be bummed yes?


Anonymous said...

Don't worry..everything will work out...Shel

kerrip said...

That's a very kind and selfless gesture, and it will be returned to you -- but of course you can still be bummed...I mean c'mon - Artnest!!!!!

Judy said...

Yes of coarse, but havin a moment of sadness is ok too - maybe you just were not supposed to go you know fated not to go.