Beautiful Sunset

The other night as my husband and I were driving home from looking at the model of the house we want, I made him pull over to the side of the road so I could take this picture. It was the most breathtaking color. Most times, Las Vegas is a dull color palette, unless of course you are down on the strip. Everything is usually brown, tan, taupe, beige, buff, dust, khaki, cream, ecru, oatmeal, sand, camel, biscuit, nude, straw, auburn, sepia, toast and any other shade of brown you can thing of with an occasional patch of green thrown in there to try and make you forget you live in a desert. But once in awhile...we are graced with a beautiful nature color show. Is there any wonder why I love the colors red, yellow and orange??


Cindy said…
This is an absolutely gorgeous picture. Thanks for sharing it!
Lynn said…
Cindy, it is absolutely beautiful, and I loved how you cam up with all those names for beige...LOL